Who We Are ?

Who We Are ?

Innovative Business Solutions, trading as IBS, is a Software House specialized in developing Mobile Apps, Websites, Web Systems, Cloud Systems, & Desktop Systems. IBS was established in 2014 to provide state of the art software solutions to all businesses running in the MENA region specially Egypt & GCC countries.

Our Goal & Strategy

Our goal is to help our clients maximize their revenues and save their time & effort by providing them comprehensive state of the art software solutions that seize the fast moving dynamics of the information technology industry nowadays all over the MENA region.

We achieve this goal by creating new, innovative, & out of the box ideas that help bring the maximum benefits to our clients.

When we create a new idea we put ourselves in the shoe of our client to analyze thier way of work and put our hands on the root cause of the problem then we innovate different solutions to this problem, we share these solutions with our client and differentiate between them to find the best solution that gives the best results with the minimum cost.

What We Do ?

Mobile Apps

We build smart Mobile Apps that make it easy to communicate with your customers & serve them anywhere at anytime.

Web Design

We design state of the art Websites and Web-Portals that represent your image and achieve your goals.

Web Applications

We develop creative Web Applications that provide endless possibilities and precious values.

Cloud Solutions

We develop fully integrated Cloud Solutions that fulfill all your needs and achieve your objectives.

Software Products

We provide customizable ready-made Software Products that facilitate a lot of different business needs.

Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Vision

To be the MENA's leading company for providing state of the art Software Solutions.

Our Mission

Work on our clients' success, which is our first and permanent commitment.

Develop high quality state of the art software solutions that suit all businesses running in the MENA region for affordable prices.

Serve MENA countries through local offices distributed all over the region.

Provide immediate and high quality customer support services.

Stay updated and aligned with the latest technologies.

Our Values

At IBS we believe in five core values that define who we are, how we perform, and what we aspire to:

Integrity; in all our dealings, within ourselves, in the way we conduct business, and while working with our clients; that's what makes us the invaluable partner in our field.

Innovation; we don't just build or reuse common solutions but we innovate new ones that bring the maximum benefits to our clients; that's why we gain their trust and appreciation.

Quality; in all what we do no matter it's a small piece of paper or a complex technical solution; that's what helps us continue our success story all the way long.

Team Spirit; our success really stems from the fact that we are one big happy family; that's what makes us stable and powerful.

Client Satisfaction; our clients are really our success partners; we do whatever it takes to support them; and that's what helps us build long term successful relationships with them.

Why IBS ?

Why Choose Us

Six main reasons why our services & products are better than any other solutions exist in the market, these reasons set us apart from other providers:

  1. Our unique ability to build professional solutions that of stylish user interface and extreme performance with high standards in a challenging time.

  1. We do our work based on comprehensive analysis and accurate researches of our clients' cases then we treat the problem root cause.

  2. We fulfill our clients' needs without any efforts required by them.

  3. Our clients pay only for the real benefits they get and no more.

  4. We develop service demos before we go all the way long, so our clients can feel the potentials behind our solutions without wasting their time.

  5. We provide immediate & high quality customer support services.